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Bhad Bhabie

2022.01.17 00:27 Ok_Nefariousness4491 Bhad Bhabie

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2022.01.17 00:27 PrincessWolfie12 Can’t find this headset I wanna wear for a look

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2022.01.17 00:27 OneLuckyCommenter Hangman’s title run has been a little lackluster

Please don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love AEW and feel like it is one of the top wrestling promotions in the U.S. I love the unique feel of it, and one of the aspects that bests contribute to it being one of the best promotions are it’s title runs.
Having long runs really makes the title holder truly feel like one of the best in the world. It makes it seem like they are unstoppable, and need that Achilles heel to be taken advantage of to beat them.
Hangman’s defeat of Kenny Omega was one of the greatest moments in modern professional wrestling. The story was written on the walls, yet it was still an incredible path to follow.
However, the follow up and what would come from it are sadly not seeming to match what we know Hangman is capable of.
Even with the two incredible matches with Bryan Danielson, something feels lacking from Hangman’s title run. Some sort of factor that Moxley, Jericho, and Omega all had doesn’t seem to apply well to Hangman.
I’m hoping his new feud with Lance Archer will help to bring the best out of Hangman, but for now, we will have to wait and see.
(Sorry for grammar issues, English isn’t my first language)
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2022.01.17 00:27 SquirrelTall7989 Who (if anyone) would you have supported?

Say you are a principal lord of a Lord Paramount, one who is well versed in news from all over the Seven Kingdoms (aka you know a lot of what we as readers know). Your liege has asked your advice on what they should do during this newly started civil war. What is your advice?
I, for my part, think I would argue for siding with the Greens. I am a woman, so I would hate to give legitimacy to the “women aren’t fit to rule” message that might seem to underline the Green’s cause, but I think there’s enough to differentiate.
First of all, I think the ability of a king to disrupt succession at will, even when the expected heir has done nothing wrong, is disastrous. It would encourage all sorts of rival courts between all of the royal children and set up the potential for a civil war at every generation.
Second of all, Rhaenyra seems like an awful queen. Despite claiming to be the king’s heir, she isolated herself on Dragonstone. There has been no demonstration of leadership or diplomatic tact. If anything, it’s the opposite.
The fact she tried to pass her bastards off as legitimate heirs after her is appealing. It shows she doesn’t understand her feudal role. And then to double down and call for the punishment of anyone who calls her on her lies? It’s the makings of a tyrant.
Now, to be clear, I think Aegon II was awful too. But hadn’t demonstrated such awfulness so openly as of yet, and he doesn’t come with quite the same legal baggage.
A very close second recommendation would be staying neutral. The more I know about Aegon, actually, the more I would argue he’s not worth dying for.
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2022.01.17 00:27 RecentDegree64 Need help with suicidal thoughts.

Starting to feel suicidal again and don’t see a point in continuing anymore. Long story short I attempted suicide a couple months ago via Tylenol od because of how the military was treating me but I survived. Got discharged for depression and was doing good for a while but the thoughts started to resurface and have been like this for a couple months now. I just don’t know what to do. I’ve been thinking of just getting in my car and killing myself via carbon monoxide poisoning. I failed in doing what most of my friends accomplished and now I’m failing in this coding class my mom put me in after I came home. I have nobody to talk to about my problems. I don’t exactly trust my mom with my feelings, my dad has never really been there for me, and I don’t want my friends knowing because they tried talking out of me once already and they’d just be in more pain pretty sure. I’ve already tried suicide hotline back then and they forwarded me to military onesource and that didn’t help at all.
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2022.01.17 00:27 Heat3x [XB1][M22] Selling 100k/$9 & 250k/$18 Quicksells & or Buying players you want for trade - Great Rep (PAYPAL ONLY)

Rep #1 https://old.reddit.com/MCSRep/comments/8d2wto/uheat3x_mcs_rep_profile/?st=jug43ugz&sh=5fbde965
Rep #2 https://old.reddit.com/MCSRep/comments/9oequ7/uheat3x_mcs_rep_profile/?st=jug3xz4a&sh=3da6bfc9
Rep #3 https://www.reddit.com/MCSRep/comments/bcwj7i/uheat3x_mcs_rep_profile3/
Rep #4 https://www.reddit.com/MCSRep/comments/dgx4ds/uheat3x_mcs_rep_profile4/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=usertext&utm_name=MCSXbox&utm_content=t3_fuy3yq
Rep #5 https://old.reddit.com/MCSRep/comments/fzwq49/uheat3x_mcs_rep_profile5/
Rep #6 https://www.reddit.com/MCSRep/comments/jcyi7d/uheat3x_mcs_rep_profile6/
Rep #7 https://old.reddit.com/MCSRep/comments/ms5v81/uheat3x_mcs_rep_profile7/
Rep #8 https://old.reddit.com/MCSRep/comments/q7gasi/uheat3x_mcs_rep_profile8/
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2022.01.17 00:27 Beautiful_Fishing569 found this Chinese knockoff Zombozo action figure and can't stop laughing

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2022.01.17 00:27 Ivy0913 Link keeps disconnecting

I purchased the Link and it keeps disconnecting during class and won’t reconnect until i take it of my watch band and put it back in the case. I keep my link and case fully charged and i don’t have any other apps running. Anyone know any fixes?
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2022.01.17 00:27 DerBingle12 Mini Hater Story P4: Mini Brown

It was time. I returned to electrical and opened up the vent to pull Mini Purples headless body out. I made sure the halls were clear and ran to admin, I dropped Mini Purples corpse on the table for all to discover. Suddenly, an emergency meeting. It was Lime. He was at the meeting table, holding his dead minis body. Lime: Who did this to my mini!? Who!? He’s been brutally tortured and his throat cut! This is savagery. Little did they know of Mini Red and Mini Orange…. Cyan came stumbling into the meeting, bleeding from the crowbar and I jammed into his body. He was breathing heavily. Cyan: Orange….it’s Orange. Orange is the Mini Murderer…. He killed my mini. When the lights went off…. Everyone was shocked. Purple spoke up. Purple: I haven’t seen my mini in a while and I’m worried! Cyan, did you see my mini? What happened to Orange? Cyan: I killed Orange….. Lime: You what!? Cyan: I killed him. The lights went off, I heard someone snap my minis neck. Then I felt something pierce me. I came to and my mini is dead next to Orange and Orange is lying down next to it. So I took the crowbar impaled in me and beat Orange to death…. Lime and Purple: EJECT CYAN! EJECT HIM! HES THE MINI MURDERER! HE KILLED HIS OWN MINI! Cyan fell to his knees, blood gushing from his wound. Cyan: Eject me. I won’t be long for this world. And I’m nothing without my Mini….. Cyan was then taken by Purple, Lime, and Brown to the chute. I couldn’t see Mini Brown anywhere. I decided to join in. I watched Lime cast Cyan into the void from afar. Purple began to search for its mini. Only a matter of time now. Brown approached me. Brown: Blue, take a walk with me to the lower engine room. Blue: Sure thing. Brown and I walked to the lower engine room and began to chat. What happened next caught me off guard. Brown: I’m going to cut right to it, I know it’s you. Blue: It’s me what? Brown: You’re killing the Minis aren’t you? I vehemently denied browns accusation, feeling a trap commencing. Blue: I’ve been doing my tasks. I only saw Mini Purple run by me some time ago. Brown: Blue, I saw you beat Mini Pink to death… I was shocked, surely I was caught and would be ejected next. Brown: I must say…., it was a brutal yet bold choice to cave it’s head in on the cafeteria bench…. Blue: oh so you approve of my methodology? It would appear I had an ally in Brown. Brown: I do. In fact, I want to rid myself of my Mini. What say you? Blue: he was next either way my friend. I’ve been searching for him. Brown: look no further, he’s here. Brown directed my attention to the underside of the engine. Mini Brown was stashed away. Huddled in the corner and shaking violently with fear. Mini Brown: Go away Da-Da! I know yu wanna hurted mwe! Lweave me awone! squeak squeak Blue: so you tried to get your Mini huh brown? Brown: I did. The little shit ran under the engine and has been cowering there since I tried to strangle it in electrical. I can’t get to him. Any ideas? I had to hand it to the mini, it found a safe spot from me and it’s parent. But such things are finite and do not last forever. I wanted to instill mortal fear into Mini Brown before the savory kill. Blue: Mini Brown, you little shit. Mark my words, we are ending your life today. Mini Brown: Uh-uh Uwncle Boo! Me safe forever in here! squeak Brown: what’s the plan blue? It won’t come out. Blue: Brown, I’m going to introduce you to my Mini. Brown was shocked. Brown: You have one of those bastards!? He exclaimed violently. Blue: I do. For instances like this, where only a mini body will do. I’ve reduced Mini Blue to a barely functional, fearful, and violent animal. I’ve accomplished this through months and months of rigorous abuse, torture, starvation, and routine flayings with a whip. Brown: Blue, that is sick and I love it. Where is the shit? Blue: It is caged up in storage. I keep it bound and gagged in a box unless I need it. Stay here will I retrieve the specimen. I walked to storage and found my storage box. Before opening it, I grabbed my stun gun from my other crate. I set it to maximum voltage. I opened Mini Blues cage. It’s head snapped up, and it began to quiver. I shocked it instantly. Blue: it is time to work you little fucker. Get out. Mini Blue meekly stood up and fearfully walked over to me. It was covered in scars and old wounds from the endless torture and abuse I put it through. It’s eyes staring dead into nothing. I ripped out its tongue at birth so it would never be able to speak. This kept the creature in-line. Blue: Listen to me, Mini Brown is hiding. You will be bringing him to brown and me. If you’re lucky and accomplish this, I will feed you some scraps from the work. Mini Blue slowly nodded. I kicked it down onto the ground. Blue: I hate you. Get moving. Mini Blue blindly complied and began walking. We returned to Brown. Brown: Blue! Your Mini looks awful! Why do you keep that thing around? Blue: Sometimes you need a mini slave to execute your plans. Do you want to shock it or kick it? Brown: Will it still be able to work? Blue: Trust me, it knows it needs to perform to remain alive. Brown took the stun gun and zapped Mini Blue and held the trigger down. Mini Blue fell and convulsed on the floor. Making gasping sounds, trying to squeak and make words without a tongue. Blue: Alright Brown, let’s get it to work. I grabbed Mini Blue and began strangling it. Blue: Mini Blue, crawl under the engine and get Mini Brown. Bring it out to us. If you can’t accomplish this, tear it to pieces. Show it no mercy. Mini Blue nodded in agreement. It had been about 10 days since I last fed it and I gave it the least amount of water to keep it alive enough to work. Blue: Get to work. Mini Brown began squeaking with fear and frantically crawling around trying to find another place to hide but Mini Blue was crawling in, teeth bared, mouth drooling. It saw its key to survival, eating Mini Brown. Mini Brown: squeak squeak squeak! Mwini Boo! No! Nooo! Weave me awone! Da-da! Uwncle Boo! Make Mwini Boo stohp! Pwease! Brown: Shut up you little shit. Fight for your life. Mini Blue crawled in and Mini Brown began slapping and kicking at it to keep it off. Mini Blue used its animal strength to overpower the soft Mini and began clawing it, blood forming on its face and mini torso. Mini Brown began screaming and crying as it kicked and kicked to resist Mini Blue. Mini Blue then sunk its teeth into Mini Browns side and it let out a blood curdling wail as its flesh was torn into. Mini Brown: Mwini Boo! Owuchie! Sthop! Mini Blue began violently feasting on Mini Brown, tearing its flesh off its bones. Blood dripping from its mouth. You could hear the flesh tearing and bones crunching as Mini Blue ate. Brown: YES! YES! EAT THAT LITTLE SHIT! I was so satisfied at the performance of my Mini. I had created the perfect Mini Slave. Mini Blue continued tearing into Mini Brown as it began to fight less and less as blood poured out of its body. It’s mini leg twitching as the last moments of life exited its body. Blue: Brown, let’s leave Mini Blue to feast. Let’s find another Mini to hunt down. Brown: Hmmm, Mini Green? Blue: Perfect… As Brown began to walk away, I slipped behind and broke his neck. He couldn’t be trusted. He might crack under the pressure. He did right wanting his Mini dealt with but he had to go as well. I dragged his body near the engine. Blue: Mini Blue! Mini Blue looked up scared from feasting, blood dripping out of its mouth, a bone in its hands. Blue: Finish off Mini Brown and then get to work on browns body. Don’t get caught. Mini Blue went back to feeding in Mini Browns corpse. Time to find Mini Green….
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2022.01.17 00:27 JonsStuffDude 4n4o [Semi-Vanilla]{Anarchy} {No-Rules}{1.12.2}

Ip: 4n4o.org
4n4o is a semi-vanilla minecraft server on 1.12.2 that has been around for about 2 weeks and spawn is already destroyed. I use to do free handouts to newer players like food but I quit doing that and quit moderating forever and only usually chat through console. Escaping spawn is easy right now but in the future it will be more difficult if more players join. There is no /kit or /claim which makes the servers commands mostly vanilla.

None... Idk why you checked here.
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2022.01.17 00:27 GreenTKa Broke lady GETS 2 FREE NIGHTS?

Another day, another Karen to make me question why I ever filled out my first application to work as a Front Desk Host 7 years ago.

It's the start of my shift, and I come in with my venti iced chai that I was 5 minutes late for. My manager greets me, I put down my bag, and let out a sigh as the magnets on my name tag clack together. Officially on duty.
I step up to the desk, and get the run down from the AM shift. Really, all I am interested in is my Chai, since it sounded like a slow day.
But then, she gets mentioned.
"Yeah OP, I tried to run 708's card again (like I had done the night before, since she came up on our high balance report, and her CC didn't go through. Made a note in our MOD report), and nothing. Try to get in touch with her if you can, since she has a reservation to extend. Have a good night"
The AM shift departs.
With a sigh, I decide to call up to 708 "Hi there miss, this is Op at the front desk. Would you mind coming down to speak with me about the outstanding balance on your room? the Credit card we have isn't going through"
She comes down, and her tirade starts.
Turns out, she has had a really long night, and doesn't need us bothering her all day about a couple of dollars (98.23 to be exact). She tried to swipe her card, and na-da. Tries a different card, and na-da.
I am in the middle of trying to figure out what's going on, and she calls the bank.
Turns out my AM shift ran 13 authorizations on her card for random small amounts (trying to collect any balance towards her bill). Despite all authorizations declining, the man on the phone tells her that her account got over drawn, by the exact amount my AM shift ran (minus $5, which was the last $5 she had on the planet).
She turns to me, fury in her eyes.
Her tirade evolves into a full fledge shit-storm. How dare I take the last amount of her money? How did I even get that card on file ? (She gave it to us?????) I am stealing from her!
I apologize, and let her know that my AM shift was just trying to collect the payment, that we used the card she gave us at check in (duh), and that we are just running our business, which she consented to pay for.
She just gurgles up more random crap, and I am being worn thin. I decide to take a second, step to the back, and tell my manager what's going on to get some back up.
It's to note, that I am the FOM. I went to our Operations Manager. We discuss how she owes us money, but also wants to extend, but her card has zip on it.
Anyone in the industry would expect an answer of: "Well if she can't pay, she can't stay".
Not. Today.
My Manager goes out to this guest, apparently with extreme generosity in her heart, and proceeds to make a deal with the guest:
If the guest promises that she can pay for the room later this week when she has money, and gets paid, we would comp her tonight (Sunday) in good faith.
The guest states that she NOW wants to check out on Tuesday.
My Manager gives her ANOTHER free night.
The guest agrees, and leaves smiling, flipping me the bird as she ascends the elevator.
My manager says:
"Have faith in people, OP. You have to learn that people will do the right thing in the end"
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2022.01.17 00:27 Most_Thailover_1629 Introducing Metaverse

“We believe the metaverse will be the successor to the mobile internet, we’ll be able to feel present – like we’re right there with people no matter how far apart we actually are” - Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Metaverse is where the physical and digital worlds come together. It is a space where digital representations of people – avatars – interact at work and play, meeting in their office, going to concerts and even trying on clothes.
Enthusiasm around "meme stocks" has eased for young investors a year on from the GameStop trading frenzy, with Gen Z's attention shifting to companies in areas like electric vehicles and the "metaverse," according to a report released on Friday.
"There's a lot more interest in metaverse," Apex Chief Executive Officer Bill Capuzzi said in an interview. "As more NFT companies become public, we'll probably see them move into the top 100."
For instance, someone recently paid $450,000 to be Snoop Dogg’s neighbour in a virtual world called the Sandbox. Toronto-based Tokens.com recently dropped nearly $2.5 million on a patch of land in Decentraland — one of several popular metaverse worlds.
Investing in an established metaverse is safest however, you need sizable funds for it. For new investors, new and upcoming metaverse will be the best choice as it offers a good opportunity to multiply your investment.
Thaicoin TMETA is a newly announced metaverse I found recently. TMETA is the Metaverse ecosystem of a DAO. The ecosystem builds territory and players donate tokens to obtain blind boxes, draw their characters and choose to reproduce in the territory from the gathering era in Level 1 civilization to the cosmic divine era in Level 7 civilization. They just started their whitelisting campaign so the opportunity is vast. You can find out more by searching Thaicoin on Reddit.
Processing img tn7fegza36c81...
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2022.01.17 00:27 Zoomcalom Game Speed

Hey all, Been replaying and looking to finally beat this game after playing since I was 8 and having a blast. I was wondering what game speed do you all run at? For me I will start at like 50% to build most things, but for normal gameplay I run 90% with some time moving up to 100% to finish Monuments if there is nothing else to do.
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2022.01.17 00:27 bazingalord123 The first 2022 BRZ has just arrived in Western Australia

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2022.01.17 00:27 yoboketto_ What's the most active fandom in fanfiction? Also, what has been your favorite fandom that you've been in so far?

Just curious!
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2022.01.17 00:27 Excellent-Musician25 NeelieLladnek Shop | Redbubble

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2022.01.17 00:27 akoblinhfs Global talent show in METAVERSE 🤹 Vote for band or solo singer of your choice with Talent Coin 🎉PRESALE on 18th of January | Gleam Whitelist Competition ongoing! Under 20 hours left! Be advised not to miss out!

The world’s first decentralized talent show! 🤹🎬 Giving bands & musicians a REAL chance to showcase their talent to the world. 🎤👨‍🎤 X-Factor style talent show will be held within uniquely developed METAVERSE. 🎪👓
📢PRESALE (Whitelisted) and Launch on 📅 Tuesday 18th January 2022

📝 First season of talent show is expected to start after 5 to 6 months from the token launch.
👇👇👇 Join 💬Telegram group, in order not to miss out on important dates, events and news! Few SURPRISES along the way too! 🤫 ☝️☝️☝️ What is Talent Coin? 💃🕺 Talent Coin💠 will power the very first talent contest driven by a decentralised blockchain and held within a metaverse. Holders of talent coin will be able to "spend" their tokens to cast votes and support their favourite act in the contest. Each season of the talent show will have multiple rounds that progress towards a final.
▶️Watch the Talent Coin promo video
The final will be judged by celebrity guests and live streamed on YouTube📺 in a dedicated metaverse! The act that wins the contest will receive a record deal from Mind Records💽 as well as a HUGE cash prize! (There is no set amount atm; but expected prize is up to $250,000) Opportunity to participate will NOT be limited to specific contries but instead it will be international!
📝 Portion of profits from Mind Records💽 is used to buy project tokens, after which they are BURNED - completely taken out of equation; thus increasing the price. Simply put, 20% of what Mind Records💽 does will be poored back into the chart!
For more detailed info about the project see 🌎Website Who's the team? 🤵👩‍🎤 Talent Coin💠and Talent Verse🎪 were founded by 🤵Mark Hamilton whose ambition is to raise awareness for Mental Health on a global scale. Mark is doxxed and has completed full KYC verification with InterFi. You can find a link to his KYC certificate HERE
▶️Whatch first track ever release my Mind Records (Hurt by Mark Hamilton ft. Jan Gałach)
Along with the core team listed on the webpage, Mark works with dozens of fantastic freelancers and independent companies to achieve his goals and ensure Talent Coin's💠 ROAD MAP gets delivered on time✅
Talent Coin💠 is part of a Music Mind Group's🎹 big family:
🎶Mind Music - By harnessing advantages of crypto and music, Mind Music is aims to raise awareness for mental health. Aside from supporting this cause investors also are to benefit from: Automatic Buybacks, Sales Profits, Reflection and Deflationary Burn. Talent Show winners gets a recod deal with Mind! 🎪👓 Once in METAVERSE, members will be able to benefit from Mind Counciling Services. From time to time everyone may hit rough and uneasy waters, so it is more than fair for community members to have professionals available at all times to speak to.
👶Baby Mind - Reward coin of Mind Music ($MND). It has been set up to raise awareness for mental health by rewarding holders with its parent coin. 🎪👓 Baby Mind will run NFT Marketplace, which obviously will be accessible through METAVERSE. All the fees from buys/sells will be burned to increase price of Baby Mind.
🚀Parabolic - Designed to achieve a single purpose: To go parabolic and explode the chart after launch! Tokenomics mechanism consistently pushes it to new all-time-highs. 🎪👓 Parabolic casino will be in METAVERSE too. Users can play parabolic games once there. Profits from game are burnt, thus increasing token value. Also there is a feature called Parabolic Bookies - where users place bets on artists they think can win the season.
To say the least - founder and the team have experience of creating hugely successful crypto projects; that support great cause and benefit its holders big time!
📝 If you are new to BSC and missed Mind projects, well its better late than never. You should get on board and become part of this venture from the early stages!
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2022.01.17 00:27 onborrowedtime9 H:DE50 Laser W:Legacy offers

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2022.01.17 00:27 whodat2345 [H]$55 dollars Buffalo Wild Wings gift card [W]$45 dollars PayPal G&S

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2022.01.17 00:27 Jonspinner Would love some feedback on the new song I just did!

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2022.01.17 00:27 smoothieweeb LF: HA Durant or any other HA mons. FT: 5IV or HA mons

helloo im looking for HA Durant mostly but ill also accept any other trades. Right now I have some: 5IV Phiones 5IV Adamant Kangaskhans 5IV HA Jolly Gligars 5IV HA Timid Froakies 5IV Jolly Pinsirs 5IV Jolly Gibles 5IV Adamant Bagons 5IV Timid Togepis 5IV Bulbasaurs
I can always breed more if i run out. Thank you !!
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2022.01.17 00:27 WMinerva It’s a dangerous world out there

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2022.01.17 00:27 DatBoyGuru Half track with a mock up T34 turret used in German training school.

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2022.01.17 00:27 Zoe_the_Boe Springheeled Jack on heroforge

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2022.01.17 00:27 JaxChacky using excellent rain mod really make driving in the rain a lot more challenging and interesting which made it much harder to look through the glass, no more of those little rain drop on your glass ;)

using excellent rain mod really make driving in the rain a lot more challenging and interesting which made it much harder to look through the glass, no more of those little rain drop on your glass ;) submitted by JaxChacky to trucksim [link] [comments]