Planning to transfer in UPD

2022.01.17 00:38 Strawberryswift Planning to transfer in UPD

A little background about me. Im an incoming college student that wants to transfer in upd but im really intimidated by the mere thought and kind of surprised by how ambitious i am.
If I qualify and got accepted as a transferee im really not sure if i could manage to study bs compsci in upd especially when i am really bad in math. It will be highly appreciated if you would share your honest opinions, insights, and thoughts regarding this matter so that i could have an idea whether to stop my fantasies or fight for it.
Quick story. I came from a not well off family so im not privileged enough to have access to quality education when i was in my jhs. I know that you have to have a good foundation to the basics of math for you to understand the math subjects in college. But then again, i really didnt get the chance to have great teachers and a good curriculum in my jhs. Some would say that its in the students and not in school. Thats partly true but studying in a great school would make a huge difference at how you could expand/ achieve your fullest potential/capabilities.
My eyesight started to get blurry when i was in 8th grade so i wasnt really paying attention when my math teacher was teaching. I get left behind in math so im worried if i could keep up with the math lessons in compsci. I also dont go to school during those years because i was so lazy to attend/ wake up very early in the morning thats why my grades were messed up hence i didnt dare to apply for upca last yr lol.
Now that its starting to dawn on me how great it is to study in UP i wanna just try it as a transrfeee by now.
However, my main dilemma is that the course that i would take is bs compsci but im REALLY bad in math so i was wondering if i could survive compsci in upd.
I dont have any interest to compsci i will be taking this course only because i know that i would have a brighter future here. Ive accepted the fact that i could no longer fight for my dream course/job since time immemorial because reality hit me really hard.
On a side note, i passed the ched scholarship program amounting to 120k per yr and a presidential scholarship in feu. I was wondering if it is worth it to give up my scholarship just to study in upd? It is if i passed as a transferee.
P.S. sorry for the incoherence/ grammatical errors since im really lazy to improve/correct my writing.
P.S. i didnt enroll last yr for some reason so basically im in my gap yr.
TL;DR: Incoming college student thinking on whether it is possible to survive bs computer science in upd despite being bad in math and if its worth it to give up the scholarships just to study in upd.
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2022.01.17 00:38 PracticalNobody Those of you that started your own business, what are some of the lessons you learned?

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2022.01.17 00:38 PaintedSoILeft WSOPC $400 opener 250K guarantee - 16BB shove UTG with KK six handed?

12 left from field of 1,340. No pay jumps until 9th place. 2 tables 6 players each. We're UTG with black KK. Raise to 2bb? Or open ship it?
Play has been extremely tight, including hero
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is it hard to get job in the industry?
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2022.01.17 00:38 ATLien-1995 Mike’s Lincoln

Just wanted to show a bit of appreciation for how clean his ride is! It really suits his character perfectly lol.
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2022.01.17 00:38 longshot0555 D'angelo Russell last 7 games (excluding 1st game back from Protocols): 19.4 PPG/3.0 RPG/10.9 APG on 45.8%/40.7%/93.3% Shooting Splits (FG%/3PT%/FT%)

19.4 PPG 3.0 RPG 10.9 APG
45.8% FG 40.7% 3PT 93.3% FT
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2022.01.17 00:38 cave_of_the_cats Lesser Periwinkle Information?

My Plant People,
Vinca minor aka Creeping Myrtle aka Lesser Periwinkle. She came forward in a journey today as my true plant ally. My guide.
She called to me but I had no idea who she was. I knew that she grew vigorously under any conditions, and what she looked like. So, I did a quick sketch of what came to me and searched high and low, and then there she was. Exactly who I saw in my journey.
Wild. So, dies anyone have information or personal experience with this plant? I know that she’s considered mildly toxic, but has medicinal uses. My go to books don’t cover her, though.
Please tell me someone speaks her language or has quality resources! I’m giddy excited over my best plant friend.
Thank you endlessly. 🌱
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2022.01.17 00:38 ItsAirjam Friends in investing

Do you guys have a core group of people you talk to about investing? I’m trying to get more serious about it and I don’t really have anyone to bounce ideas off of. I have some friends who know but many of them aren’t as into the stock market and investing in the same way I want to be. Do you guys develop friendships etc through discords or anything? I’m just looking for ways to connect with those likeminded and or smarter and further along than I to learn past browsing this sub! Message me if you have ways to help or want to connect if you’re having the same problem. That would be great.
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Wow, that was amazing. Talk about binge listening all freaking day.
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NewNFT!want a cup of BubbleTea? NewNFT!want a cup of BubbleTea? BubbleTea~
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