WASR 10. I have someone selling this to me for $650? Is this a good price? Tried to get him to go lower, and they won’t budge.

2022.01.17 00:15 JLo_074 WASR 10. I have someone selling this to me for $650? Is this a good price? Tried to get him to go lower, and they won’t budge.

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2022.01.17 00:15 pancakeking1012 Songs that have parts where group members rapidly switch back and forth singing/rapping

The example I can think of this is MONSTA X’s “Alligator” where at 2:21 Jooheon and Changkyun switch back and forth between rapping super quick. I think there is a term for this but I don’t know what it’s called but I love songs that do this either with rapping or singing. If anyone can provide examples below, especially with a general time stamp of where this happens that would be awesome!
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In honor of what is probably Ben's last game, which is not going well, tell me your favorite Big Ben moment on the field.
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2022.01.17 00:15 CapitalSpace9454 Alpha level 5

I've finished all the floors (2,3 and 4) in bunker alpha but my only problem is I cant go to level 5. I even shutted down the turrents in lvl4 and I opened all the crates except for 1 bcuz I haven't unlock the burglar lvl 3. Can u guys know why? Thanks!
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Discuss Vagrant Holiday here
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Tuesday is my one month and the first week and a half I felt energized and motivated. After that I’ve been feeling very fatigued and have trouble getting up in the morning. My doctor suggested I switch to nights so I took it at about 8:30 pm tonight. Anyone else try this?
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2022.01.17 00:15 J_A_Emory Eric Carver Still Lives Part 4 Friday

The next day, Eric woke to a splitting headache and an uneasy stomach. He had not gotten that drunk since his University days, and now he was suffering the price, but that was the least of his concerns at the moment. He was going to have to go out there, to the town that had gone mad, and this was just too much for him.
However, his fear of his boss made him get up off the floor and stumble over to the washroom, where he voided the contents of his stomach into the toilet bowl. Flushing the unpleasant-looking contents down and out of sight, Eric moved to the sink, washing the foul taste from his mouth and then drinking some water. Once this was done, he walked over to the kitchen, frying himself some bacon and eggs.
Having finished his breakfast and drank more water, he contemplated his situation. He didn’t want to go back into town. For all he knew, every single person there had succumbed to whatever the fuck was going on. In fact, now that he thought about things, that seemed increasingly likely. He was far enough away from town that walking was not a viable option, and he was clearly in no condition to drive. If it weren’t for the fact that the boss had ordered him to go into town, this would have seemed a perfectly reasonable excuse to stay home.
Problem was, his boss had ordered him to go into town, and as tough as Eric liked to think himself, as tough as Eric was, his boss was far tougher, and as much as Eric feared going into town, he feared the boss more.
The only viable options that Eric could see for getting into town were the bus and a taxi, and he was sure that anyone he encountered while taking these methods of transportation would be similarly affected. Perhaps, Eric thought, I could try driving. I can do my best to focus on the road, and the cops probably wouldn’t even notice a drunk driver, the way things are.
Still, he decided, this wasn’t a viable option, because there remained the possibility that he would crash. The damage to his vehicle might rob Eric of his only means of escape from this town if things got so bad that even fear of the boss couldn’t keep him. Worse yet, was the possibility that Eric might find himself injured and stuck in a hospital full of those… things.
No, Eric decided, he would need to get someone else to drive him into town, even if it was someone moving about like they were in a trance all the time. A bus was what he thought of at first, but he quickly decided against this. It was not the problem that the bus stop was a bit of a hike. Eric Carver had no objection to walking. In fact, in his current state, he expected that he could use the exercise. It was the twin factors of not having the foggiest idea of the bus schedule and being in no state to spend time researching this, and the deep, instinctual fear of being stuck in a confined space with a whole crowd of those… whatever they were. No, better to get a taxi, or call a ride share service, and only have to deal with one of them.
After thinking about things for a moment, he decided to call a taxi company. Picking up his cell phone, Eric tried to look online for the number of a taxi company, but found that his cell phone could not access the internet for some reason. Next he turned on his laptop, but this had no access as well, and no available networks either. Remembering an old phone book he had lying around, Eric spent about half an hour finding it before reviewing the book until he found a number for a taxi company. When he tried calling this number, he found that there was suddenly no cell service in the area.
“Fuck!” Eric yelled, then remembered his landline phone, which he hadn’t used in almost six months, since the last time he had lost his cell phone. Wondering if it was worth the effort of trying, he use this to call a taxi service. At last he connected. Eric gave his address to the emotionless voice on the other end, and hung up. He considered having himself another beer before the taxi arrived, but decided that the boss would not be too happy about him drinking on the job. Instead, he put on a jacket and stepped outside to await his ride.
Presently it arrived, a small white car with dark blue stripes running along the sides, and the words Wellington Taxi Service printed in yellow letters above the blue stripe. Nervously walking up to the vehicle, Eric got into the backseat and said, “downtown.”
“Where downtown,” the driver asked, seeming rather put out.
“Uh… the post office,” Eric said, from not having an answer more than anything else, then suddenly realized something. “Wait, can to just turn around for a moment?” he asked.
The driver looked around, suspiciously. “I don’t see what this is about…” he began, but Eric cut him off.
“You’re not one of them!” he exclaimed. “You don’t look like you’re in a trance! For God’s sake, please tell me you’re not one of them!”
The taxi driver seemed taken aback for a moment. “Oh, good, I picked up someone normal. Seems like everyone in this fucking town’s been high or something for the last two days.”
Eric Carver felt like he was about to cry. It was so good to meet someone who wasn’t under the influence of this thing. The man looked somehow familiar, though Eric couldn’t place it right away. But whatever, here was someone he could talk to who wasn’t… affected, and who wasn’t his boss. “Thank God, you’re not one of them. Do you have any idea what’s going on here?”
“Of course not,” the taxi driver said. “On Monday, my brother started drawing spirals, and then a couple days ago they started appearing everywhere and pretty much everyone in town starting obsessing about them. There’s a few people who don’t seem affected, but you’re the first one I’ve picked up. Rest of it is just people who look like they’re sleeping or hypnotized or some shit. They just get in, tell me to take them somewhere, and stare straight ahead the whole fucking time.”
“Have you tried snapping anyone out of it?” Eric asked.
“Of course,” the taxi driver answered. “They just look at you, confused, like you just yelled at them for no reason, then insist that nothing happened. They’re back to being fucked up in a few minutes, of course.”
“Fuck, man,” Eric said. “I’d probably leave but my boss says not to, and I’m scared to go against him.”
The taxi driver gave a harsh laugh. “Your boss must be a pretty scary guy. No point trying to leave anyways, though. I made a run for it last night, tried driving out west. I came across a blockade. Some soldiers pointed guns at me and said I had to return to my home. Said they were monitoring the situation and trying to resolve things and help us, but we couldn’t leave for the time being. Even when I told them I wasn’t one of those freaks, tried to show them, they wouldn’t let me through. I went the other way, same thing. Checked the internet to see what was going on, internet is down, cell phones don’t work, landlines work, but only local. Like the government’s sealed this place off.”
Eric had to struggle for a moment to process this information. They had been cut off. They were sealed in with whatever this was. Maybe they were being sacrificed as part of some secret government experiment. Eric had never been the type to believe in conspiracy theories, not even after his first encounter with his boss had revealed that there were things in existence which he would not previously have believed possible. But now, hearing the taxi driver’s words, he realized that he was in the middle of exactly the sort of thing he would have scoffed at merely a week before.
Finally, Eric just said, “I need to go into town. I don’t know what’s going on, and I don’t want to do this, but I need to go into town and find out what is going on. Take me downtown, please.”
The taxi driver looked skeptical, but shrugged. “Suit yourself,” he said. “I might as well take you there. Those things don’t seem interested in hurting me, and if I stay home I just have to put up with my brother and his wife, who are as crazy as everyone else.”
At that moment Eric suddenly saw the taxi driver’s name, Edward Westing. Suddenly he realized who this was. His friend Jacob’s brother Ed, who had been living with Jacob since he got out of prison about a year before, having been incarcerated for beating his wife into unconsciousness while drunk. Eric had heard that he had found work as a taxi driver, but wondered why Ed, like himself, was unaffected by this.
The road was mostly empty as the pair drove into town. They only passed two vehicles during the drive. One was a black van which sped past them, in the opposite direction, going out of town, clearly above the speed limit. The other was a car, which had driven off the road and seemed to have collided into a tree. At least a couple of the doors were open, and there were a couple of shapes in the tall grass nearby, which bore a passing resemblance to dead bodies. Eric did not think for even a moment of pulling over to take a closer look, and knew that Edward would not have done so even if instructed.
Finally they drove into town. The taxi began driving down a suburban street filled with row upon row of houses. The place looked nothing like the day before. The spiral designs were everywhere, the people wandering aimlessly about or simply standing and staring. They seemed heedless of anything other than the drawings which were their fixation, not of each other, nor of the vehicle heading down the street. Ed had to slam on the brakes as they nearly ran over an overweight man in his early forties. The taxi driver laid on the horn and shouted at the man, who only gave a brief, disinterested glance before continuing to shuffle aimlessly about.
Staring about them, Eric noticed something else. Many of the houses had open doors. Some doors looked broken. A few seemed to have windows smashed. A trail of blood could be seen across one window. There were also a couple of bodies lying on the front lawns and the streets. They seemed to be dead.
“Fuck your boss, we’re out of here,” Edward yelled as he put the vehicle into reverse. Eric could not agree more. Just as the driver was turning the vehicle around to back up, however, a fire truck pulled around a nearby corner and started moving at breakneck speed right in their direction. Eric barely had time to register the truck in his field of vision, barely time to notice the multiple people clinging to the roof and hanging off the sides, before they collided.
The fire truck clipped the side of the taxi. While Edward struggled to regain control of the machine, Eric briefly noticed that several people had been dislodged from the side of the fire truck, which had kept driving straight ahead. Ed floored the gas while spinning the wheel to get back in the direction of leaving town, and accidentally collided with a parked truck.
Eric briefly lost consciousness. When he woke up, the noticed that the driver was still, slumped against the wheel of the car. He heard what sounded like chanting coming from all around him in some strange language, but it ceased before he could register what was being said. Opening the passenger side door and stumbling outside, he could see a great crowd of people gathered about something suddenly pull back. Where they had been concentrated were two fresh corpses. Out of the corner of his eye Eric saw someone running off into the distance, though nobody seemed to pursue this individual.
Eric began fleeing wildly away from them, only to accidentally bump into a boy who looked to be in his mid teens. The boy turned vacant, staring eyes in Eric’s direction, and Eric felt his bowls release. “Please,” he begged knowing it was useless. “Let me go. Don’t kill me.”
“Kill you?” a mocking voice asked. Eric turned to see someone sauntering in his direction, an arrogant smirk on his face. The man was wearing a light grey three-piece suit and tie, rather than jogging clothes, so for a moment Eric had trouble recognizing this man as Johnny, the runner he had seen on several recent occasions. “You don’t seem to understand the situation in which you find yourself, Mr. Carver.”
“What?” It was all Eric could think to say.
“The Reaping is only for those who are worthy,” explained Johnny, in the tone of someone explaining something new to a child. As he did so, he raised his left arm, to show the wristwatch with its pattern of intersecting spirals. “Those less worthy, yet not without value, get to become one with Oranath. As for you,” he pointed at Eric, then gestured to the figure slumped in the driver’s seat of the crashed taxi, “you are nothing. A curiosity some of our members were interested to see, but nothing more. Someone else has a claim to you. As long as you stay out of our way you will live, though I do not envy you.”
Johnny turned around and walked off at this. Eric saw that, much as Johnny had indicated, none of the people were making any move to attack him. Nevertheless, he turned immediately to run out of town. As he did so, he noticed that the rest of the crowd were walking in the opposite direction from him, towards the middle of town, chanting as they did so, Oranath, gu’thulu atho veni Nyar’gathalla abono veni Ilaneth awanna, il’guk veni veni Oranath, over and over again. Eric did not know why they were doing this, or what it meant and, at this point, he really did not care. He’d seen enough, and the boss could go eat shit for all he cared.
Reaching the edge of the buildings, Eric saw a couple of people approaching. As he got closer, he realized that they were in trances like just about everybody else, and they passed him by without even glancing in his direction, chanting that strange phrase, over and over.
Eric Carver was just cresting a hill, when he heard a bullet ricochet off the asphalt right next to him. Looking up, he saw someone with a rifle in his hands, pointing it at him. “Wait, don’t shoot,” Eric called out. “I’m not one of those things.”
The man fired again, this time once again barely missing Eric. “Goddammit, you said you would let me go if I didn’t get in your way,” Eric yelled.
“Stan,” a woman said to the man with the rifle. “I don’t think he’s one of them.”
“Bullshit,” the man whose name was Stan said. “You saw the ones controlling them. They ain’t all in a trance. This is probably one of those guys.”
“Come on,” said the woman. “Put the rifle down. We’ve got to conserve the ammo.”
“We can’t just go shooting every survivor,” another man said. “They might come back, and we need everyone we can have in case they do.”
Reluctantly, Stan lowered his gun. “Come over,” he yelled to Eric, “and keep your hands where I can see them.”
Slowly, keeping this hands visible the whole time, Eric Carver approached the small party. Cresting the hill, he noticed, next to the fire truck he had seen earlier, a party of eight men and women, plus two children, for a total of ten.
“I’m Erica,” the woman who had stepped in to prevent Stan from shooting Eric said, stepping forward and extending a hand. “You’re lucky you came across us when you did. Our truck was damaged when we collided with a car on the way out of town, so we were just going to make a break through the forest.”
“We’re leaving,” Stan said impatiently. “Unless you plan to stay here and start making out with the new guy, I suggest we…”
At that moment a bullet ripped through his left leg, and the air was filled with gunfire. Stan fell to his knees, howling in agony, and pointed his gun in the direction from which the shot had come. He managed to fire off two more shots before a second bullet struck him in the chest, and a third hit his head, blowing away part of his skull and a chunk of brain.
As Erica screamed and the rest of the people began running in the direction of the forest, many dropping as they attempted to flee, Eric looked in the direction from which the shots had come, and saw the senior partner at his firm, Mr. Xavier, holding an assault rifle pointed in his direction. From its muzzle emitted a steady barrage of bullets.
Keeping his head low, Eric ran into the woods, the gunfire and the screams of the dying echoing behind him. I just need to keep moving, he thought. Just keep running and keeping as many trees as possible between me and Dwight. He must be in on this too. That’s why he’s trying to kill us. Probably those people he introduced me to on Wednesday are also in on it, maybe they’re after us too…
As if in response to his thoughts, a gunshot rang out beside him, and a child fell screaming to the ground, clutching his side. A woman, presumably his mother, turned to him, only to get shot in the head.
Looking quickly up in the direction of the shots, Eric saw a woman holding a shotgun. It took a moment for him to recognize her as Mrs. Smith, to whom he had been introduced before. He expected her to shoot him immediately, but instead she flashed him a toothy grin, one that seemed somehow not entirely human, before waving at him to keep running.
So he did. Eric kept running, hearing shots and screams ringing out all around him. He remembered the time he had taken a prostitute out to the woods, not these woods but somewhere far more secluded, handcuffed her, and set her loose into the woods. He’d then hunted her down, wearing night vision goggles which recorded the entire things. Once he’d caught the woman, he had ripped her clothes off, raped her and took her back to his place. It had been an enormously popular episode of his show, and a great way to introduce one of his guest stars. He had quite enjoyed himself, until the park ranger had showed up. It had been just after he had placed the bound and drugged woman in the trunk of his car and closed the lid, when the car had driven up, parked, and the officer had gotten out. As it turned out, a man had driven out to his estranged wife’s home earlier that night, shot her in the head, and abducted his two children, and the officer had thought Eric’s car looked similar to the one being driven by that man. Fortunately, Eric looked nothing like the man being sought after, and the officer did nothing more than ask a few questions and get going. But Eric had never forgotten the moment of absolute terror, that had made his legs go weak and his heart beat so fast he thought it might burst from his chest. He like being the hunter, not the hunted, and had never done anything like that again.
Now Eric felt that terror once again, as fled through the trees, just like that woman had fled from him three years before in another forest. Breathing heavily, his heart pounding in his chest, his mouth having gone dry, Eric paused for a moment, hidden behind a large pine. The sounds seemed to have faded into the distance, so perhaps they had missed him, and he could slip away. He got back on his feet, and started slowly moving in the direction away from where he still heard gunfire, when a twig snapped behind him.
Wheeling about, Eric thought he saw something dash behind a nearby tree at the edge of a clearing. “Fuck!” he cursed, turning to run in the opposite direction. He made it perhaps ten steps when there came the report of a gunshot from his right, and something flew right past the back of Eric’s head, so close that it brushed his hair. Wheeling about, Eric saw a middle-aged woman, slightly overweight, pointing a shotgun at him, looking about to shoot.
“Please,” he begged, holding his hands in the air. “Don’t kill me…”
“Shut up,” the woman spat. “You led them to us. You’re one of them.” With these words she pointed the barrel of her weapon right between Eric Carver’s eyes.
Before she could shoot, however, a noise caused her to turn and face the direction from which Eric had run. There, standing perhaps fifteen metres away, facing them with a cruel smile on his face, was Mr. Onassis.
“Hello,” he said, then suddenly dodged out of the way as the woman fired, moving faster than Eric thought possible for a human. Then again, there had been something strange about his eyes, but he was in no mood to try to place it right now.
“Johnny said you had no interest in me,” Eric called out. “He said I was unworthy.”
“Of course,” Mr. Onasssis said, once again running from one tree to the next, at a speed that would have made Usain Bolt envious. “This isn’t about the Reaping, or Oranath, not for either of you. No, this is just for sport. And also for food.” With this, he left the cover of the trees and charged through the clearing, straight at the woman. She had backed up a good deal, and was perhaps fifteen metres from him now. In spite of this, it could not have taken more than a second before he was almost on the woman, and she pulled the trigger.
Perhaps it was luck. Perhaps she was just really good at hitting moving targets. Likely the fact that he was less than a metre away at the time the woman pulled the trigger had something to do with it. In any case, the shotgun shell struck Mr. Onassis square in the chest, causing him to fall backwards and lie still on the ground. Eric felt relieved to see this, but his relief was short-lived, as she turned the weapon right towards him. “Now it’s your turn,” she said, and was about to pull the trigger when the bear leapt on her.
It was a large brown bear, and as it landed on the woman the gun flew from her hands. The bear swatted the woman on the head with a large paw, causing her to fall still, then turned to face Eric, who saw that the bear had glowing red eyes.
From behind the bear, Eric heard a low chuckle. “I really need to do better at coordinating with my familiar,” Mr. Onassis said. He emerged, walking, from around the bear and picked up the fallen firearm. Already the wound on his chest was healing. “My wife keeps telling me about that. She’s right, of course. She usually is. I mean, just look at this. An inch or two over, and I would’ve gotten hit in the heart. No way would I be getting up from that.”
While he was talking, Eric tried slowly backing away. Before he could get far, the bear with the red eyes charged him. Eric tried running, but the bear got hold of him and threw him to the ground. From his angle, Eric saw as Mr. Onassis walked up to the fallen woman with the shotgun. Now he realized what was strange about the man. His eyes were not like normal eyes, but were a solid black.
“My wife will yell at me, of course,” Mr. Onassis added casually, pointing the barrel of the shotgun against the woman’s head and pulling the trigger. When nothing happened, he opened up the shotgun, checked inside, then searched around in one pocket with his left hand while still holding the shotgun in his right, and continuing to talk. “Women can be like that when you do something stupid and put yourself at risk. Of course, I suppose she’ll only yell at me because she loves me.” Removing a shotgun shell from his pocket, he loaded the firearm and pressed it against the woman’s head once again. She was starting to stir at this time, though this stopped right away when Mr. Onassis pulled the trigger, and a large report echoed through the forest.
He tossed the gun aside and listened for a bit to the sounds of the forest. “I guess it’s over,” he remarked. “I should probably be getting back so I’m not late. Guess I’ll finish you off first.”
“You monster,” Eric said, almost sobbing as the words left his mouth.
The bear snarled and brought a claw down on Eric, scoring red-hot lines of pain across his back with its claws. “Now that’s rich,” declared Mr. Onassis, indignation entering his voice. “Look, we checked out your house after you left and saw what you’re keeping in your basement. I mean, God Damn, I know I like to kill humans more than I strictly need to survive, but that’s nothing next to what you’ve got going on there. No wonder you weren’t worthy of the Reaping and Oranath wanted nothing to do with you. I think I’ll enjoy this one even more than I usually do, and that is saying something.” He knelt down in front of Eric and brought his right hand to Eric’s neck, stroking it almost gently, before suddenly clamping down on Eric’s neck in a vice-like grip.
The bear backed off as Eric struggled vainly to loosen the grip his attacker had on him. Even using both hands, Eric Carver was powerless against the one-armed grip of his inhuman foe. Mr. Onassis’ coal black eyes flashed with hunger, and saliva began to appear at the corners of his mouth, as Eric felt himself begin to fade into unconsciousness.
Suddenly the grip loosened, and Eric fell to the forest floor, gasping for air. When he finally found the strength to sit up, he observed that Mr. Onassis was standing and staring past him, a nervous look on his face, while the red-eyed bear seemed to transform into a sort of black mist flowing back into his body at all points.
The black-eyed creature standing above Eric turned to stare contemptuously down at him and said, “it seems you have a friend in a high place, who just intervened to save your life.”
Eric looked in the direction in which his attacker had been staring, and bit back a scream. There was Henry MacPhail, as he had been at the time of his death, yet somehow not. The nails and needles which had been stuck in his limbs, the needles in his eyes, the burns marks all over his body, the various other injuries which had been inflicted upon him, all were still there, yet the man was walking, and had a serene look of peace on his face, and the injuries seemed to be fading right in front of Eric’s eyes. Though he walked, the grass was not disturbed by his feet, and the wind did not move even a single hair on his head. And then there was the light, a bright, warm, soothing light that seemed to both clothe Henry and come from within him. Staring at the figure in front of him, Eric Carver felt a strange mixture of joy, terror, longing, and despair such as he had never felt before in his life.
“He is at rest, at peace,” Mr. Onassis said in response to Eric’s unasked question. “Something you will never know. Anyhow, I guess he was just feeling forgiving, or maybe he wants you to have to live through what’s coming, but he wants you to live, and I ain’t inclined to go against him. So goodbye, I have somewhere to be. Hopefully we never meet again.”
With these words Mr. Onassis turned and vanished into the trees in an instant. Eric’s legs could not even hold him, so that he began scrabbling backwards as fast as he could on this hands and feet, while his former victim advanced steadily upon him. The injuries on him, the various sharp objects that Eric had stuck into his body, were now barely visible on Henry’s ethereal form, while the light that seemed to both clothe him and glow from within him grew brighter and brighter, until it burned his eyes. He’s going to burn me up, Eric thought. He’ll burn me up, body and soul, until there’s nothing left.
But then Henry stopped, less than a metre away from Eric, and looked down at him. His expression was not hateful, or angry, or filled with a desire for vengeance, but looked almost… pitying, as if this ghost felt sorry for him. Leaning forward, staring him in the eyes, Henry said one word: “live.” Then he grew brighter, until Eric had to close his eyes. When the light had faded, Henry heard the thumps of several small objects hitting the earth. Opening his eyes, he saw a number of bloody nails, pins and needles littering the ground where Henry MacPhail had stood. Eric did not need to count them to know that they corresponded exactly to the number he had stuck in his former victim.
At that moment Eric noticed a bright light coming from behind him, in the direction of the town. It was not the warm, soothing light that had been coming from Henry, but rather a series of constantly changing multicoloured lights. Turning, Eric could see them more brightly, a strange, constant light show, beautiful and alluring, yet at the same time terrifying.
In spite of his fear, Eric found himself rising to his feet and moving in the direction of the light. It was as if another was controlling his body and directing his movements, and he was simply a passenger. As he walked, Eric found himself wondering if this was how all those people had felt, the ones he had seen so entranced by the spiral drawings just in the last few days, though it felt to him like it had been going on forever.
Before long Eric came to the crest of a nearby hill. The town had been built in a river-cut valley, and Eric Carver had an excellent view of that valley from where he stood. Even from his great distance, he could see that a great crowd had gathered in streets of the town. Probably everyone still alive was there, other than himself, or as near as made no difference.
But this was not what truly captured his attention. For there, in the centre, was the source of the light display. In the center of the town was a great mass of spiral shapes, intersecting and weaving in and out of each other in patterns of such intricate complexity that Eric could hardly track then with his eyes. None of the drawings he had seen, not even the ones made by his friend Jacob, came even close to describing the reality.
These spiral shapes were not black or white or any conceivable colour, but rather seemed to consist of disturbances, ripples in space, which Eric could not explain to himself in any way. The entire thing was suffused with a glowing light, of many constantly changing colours, and tendrils of white light emerged from the points of intersection of the spirals, reaching out to the assembled crowd. Whenever a tendril touched someone, they were taken up and carried along the length of the tendril, becoming insubstantial until they vanished entirely. The tendrils were rapidly absorbing everyone in the crowd, yet not a figure moved while they were sucked up into that thing.
Within what must have been less than a minute, pretty much everyone had been sucked up. At this point the tendrils withdrew into the mass at the centre, which gradually rose into the air, forming into a perfect spherical shape as it did, before suddenly shooting straight up into the sky and vanishing. The few remaining figures seemed to disperse at this point. Eric could not see them clearly, but he had no doubt in his mind that among them were Mrs. Smigh, Mr. Onassis, Johnny, and Mr. Dwight Xavier.
“Real pretty,” a familiar voice remarked beside him, and Eric, who for a moment had felt relieved, thinking it was all over, broke out in a cold sweat.
“You seem nervous,” the boss remarked, a mocking tone in his voice. “Could it be that you fear me? Don’t bother trying to deny it. Pretty much everyone who knows me fears me, especially my subordinates. The smart ones, at any rate.”
“Wh-why are you here?” Eric asked, not daring to face his boss.
“Is it the place of a servant to inquire as to the affairs of his master?” asked the boss. “Don’t answer, that question was just meant to remind you of your place. If you must know, I’ve always wanted to see one of these things, so when you told me about it, I knew I just had to come. Oranath, gu’thulu atho veni Nyar’gathalla abono veni Ilaneth awanna, il’guk veni veni Oranath,” he said in an offhand way, then chuckled to himself. “Besides,” he added, his tone turning serious once again, “I realized there wasn’t going to be much work left for you to do here, so I figured I should pick you up.”
“Pick me up?” Eric did not like the sound of that.
“Why, of course.” Something dropped on the ground in front of Eric. Bending down to pick it up, he realized that it was an envelope full of cash. Eric had completely forgotten that this was the day he was usually paid. “You didn’t think you were getting that money for nothing, did you? No, when someone starts working for me there’s only two ways they leave, madness and death.”
“No, God no. Please, anything but that.” Eric had turned towards the boss, who was wearing a silver mask, and started backing up, holding his hands out in front of himself. “Take the money back, just please leave me alone.”
The blow to Eric’s back knocked Eric onto his stomach, taking the wind out of him. As he was still struggling to catch his breath, Eric found himself hauled to his feet by the back of his shirt, then turned around to stare into the snarling face of an unfamiliar man with coal-black eyes. “You do not question the decisions of the master, worm,” this creature hissed.
“Now, now,” the bossed admonished lightly while chuckling. “I think that’s enough to send a message.” Suddenly turning serious, the boss got down on one knee, staring directly into Eric’s eyes. Eric could not see them because of the mask, but he knew that the boss’s eyes were staring directly into him.
“Now listen carefully. I know you think you’re some bigshot apex predator when you’re doing your show, but you were never anything more than a big fish in a little pond you didn’t realize was the ocean. Now I,” the boss pointed to himself, “am a Megalodon, and that glowing thing you saw back there, well, there’s nothing evolution brought forth on land, in the sea or in the sky on your world that could make a good comparison to that. You got nothing left here anyways, no job, no home, no friends. Only people left here are a few bad apples like yourself and the guys who made all this happen, and trust me, you do not want to be running into them. Besides, the military will be coming through soon. They’ll search the houses, and find what you got in your basement. Do you really want to fall into their hands after they connect you with that?”
“I saw him,” Eric said, barely noticing the words which left his mouth. “He walked up to me, then just vanished in a flash of light.”
“You saw his spirit, nothing more,” the boss waved a hand dismissively. “Now, enough talk. You’re coming with me, or I’m taking over your show, with you as the next guest star, and I promise, I won’t fuck it up after a few days.”
Jolted back to reality, Eric said, “no, not that. Anything but that.”
“Then. Get. Your. Ass. Off. The. Ground. And. Get. Moving!” the boss yelled.
Eric Carver suddenly felt himself getting yanked to his feet and pushed forward. “Get stepping, worm,” the black-eyed creature snarled in his ear.
Numbly, without another word, Eric allowed himself to be led away.
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2022.01.17 00:15 prickliestpeach Learning code seems horrible, is a career in IT possible without learning code?

I hope not to sound repetitive, I’ve read a lot of other posts here and can’t find what I’m looking for.
I’m looking into changing careers, getting into tech. Without a bunch of details, my primary goal is to work remotely and working out bugs in computer software has always come natural to me but other than that I’m a novice at best. I enjoy solving problems creatively and I’m an artist in my free time.. I can imagine having a satisfying career in tech but the idea of learning code seems soooo daunting to me. I understand the basic concepts of binary code, I can build a basic html webpage, I really enjoy learning about new tech and designing it would be so fun but I’m ADHD and learning to code seems like a terrible task, I wouldn’t even know where to start.
Are there any IT careers thatdon’t require learning code? Is learning code as tedious as it seems to be, to me? Thank you in advance for your thoughts! <3
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2022.01.17 00:15 KrazyKix I laughed way to hard at these 🤣

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2022.01.17 00:15 GrandArmadillo5661 CHATTYCHAMPS! “Chill” is our Superpower!

Active team that doesn’t just win tournaments – we’re chatting all week long and, thanks to our geographic range (and a bit of insomnia), round the clock. 47 on our roster, over 80M brilliance, 1000 points minimum per tournament, LOTS of helps but even more laughs. Big scorers and small, we rally together and are VERY successful. “Life comes first” isn’t just words to us and our no-pressure vibe has helped us create a solid group of fun, supportive players who love pets, coffee, wine, sports, chocolate, and we often break out in song. Great weekly recap highlighting events and personal accomplishments that is like no other team’s – really! Must keep up with chat and check in when you join so we can say hi and get you oriented. Join us and see how chill translates to superpower!
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2022.01.17 00:15 Alpha_D0do What's worse than working for tips? working for a percentage of tips.....

A lot has been said about servers, but what about the server's support staff?
I used to work as a barback and got shift pay of $25 and 20% of the bar's tips. There were days where I worked 11 hrs for $30.
at least I got meals at 50% off...
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2022.01.17 00:15 crouton_kid Attic condensation buildup causing damage?

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2022.01.17 00:15 Glittering_Cheetah83 20[f4m] im horny now wanna play"

add me on snapchat sofia20210
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2022.01.17 00:15 svendeplume Latest WIP on my first Deathshroud Terminator. The fleshy gook that is oozing out of his back is so fun. He smiled for the camera.

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2022.01.17 00:15 NYG_Doomer F*ck it... one struggle!!!

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2022.01.17 00:15 realstuckonstupid A true home invasion horror game.. (Fears To Fathom: Home Alone | Episode 1)

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