Trump Complains 'Nobody Ever Talks About' The Crowd Size On Jan. 6

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2021.12.02 22:25 amnesiac7 Trump Complains 'Nobody Ever Talks About' The Crowd Size On Jan. 6

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2021.12.02 22:25 allicat2420 Fired from Big Red Mortgage Co.

Hey there. I just had to share my story, so that hopefully it will inspire someone to stop waiting for change and stand up for themselves.
I was recently fired from one of the largest mortgage companies in the country. I'll refer to them as Big Red henceforth. I spent 7 long, dedicated years at Big Red. For background, I am F29. I was hired at Big Red at age 22.
When I was first hired as a mortgage banker, I was promised so much, and my fellow employees all had such great things to say.
Fast forward 2 years, and I beg to no longer be a banker anymore. My request was honored by throwing me into a spot that paid $12/hr, after comfortably bringing home 6 figures for the last 2 years. I was told I would spend AT MOST 30 days in that spot. I was there for 4 months.
I ended up moving over to Big Red's real estate division. We'll call them Red's Realty. I was happy with my sales role there, and was eventually given the opportunity to start a client focused team. This was my chance to build something and get the promotions and raises I had been promised for the last 3 years.
Fast forward another 3 years and I still have not been promoted. Monthly meetings with Mr. Boss Man would pump me back up and promise me immense growth and opportunity, just around the corner.
This time last year, Red's Realty decided they wanted to be a big dog. They hired in Mr. Workout Bro, who immediately decided that my job was no longer needed. Mr. Workout Bro decided that it was most beneficial to the company to throw me into a role where I was working almost twice the hours, for half the pay, with a pipeline of over 10K clients that I was expected to follow up with on a weekly basis.
After refusing to work more than 10 hours a day for 2 months, Mr. Boss Man and Mr. Workout Bro decided suddenly that my former job was SO NEEDED.
I spent the next 3 months catching up on 2 months' worth of emails. I responded to close to 200 emails a day for 3 months. All while constantly fighting for recognition and support. Mr. Boss Man told me earlier this summer "if you want recognition, you should just ask for it."
Meanwhile, Mr. Boss Man had hired 27 new people over the course of 60 days. He no longer had time for me. In fact, he would applaud me for being "not only self-sufficient, but self-successful."
Every day I would have different responsibilities. I would never be given a guideline or even a general idea of what would make a successful day at work.
Early Oct., Mr. Boss Man pulls me into a meeting room and tells me that he searched through my "productivity reports" over the last month and found discrepancies. Mr. Boss Man presents me with a generic, unlabeled spreadsheet with dates on it, and hours/minutes next to each date. According to Mr. Boss Man, there were multiple days where I would clock in and immediately lock my computer for 5-6 hours at a time.
I'm dumbfounded. Im rethinking every 5 minute potty break or 10 minutes spent sitting outside recharging. How could this be? There's no possible way. Im suddenly faced with the fact that it's Red's Realty's word against mine. And I realize im f***ked.
Two weeks later I request a sick day. TL;DR my fiance and I had a looooong argument the night before and were up until 4am. I text Mr. Boss Man and let him know the betrothed and I aren't feeling well and are staying home.
Betrothed ends up feeling the salesman's guilt, with it being the end of the month, and decides to go to work.
Mr. Boss Man calls me and says he's "seeking to understand" why betrothed is in the office if he wasn't feeling well. I say he decided he was feeling better and went in? Idk. Sorry Boss Man, I'm not his mom. Boss Man says okay and hangs up.
End of the day, Mr. Boss Man calls me again. Says he brought HR in because my story didn't sit right with him. HR sat betrothed down and asked him several questions to corroborate my story. Bethrothed told a completely different story. I break down. "You want the truth? I was up most of the night fighting. It was one of the worst nights of my life. I didnt feel like it was your business to know that though." Boss Man scoffs. Questions my integrity. Accuses me of trying to burn bridges I spent years building.
I text betrothed: "I'm so sorry, I did not expect to get HR involved." Betrothed has zero clue what im talking about. Confirms that no one sat him down or asked him anything regarding me taking off.
Next day, at the advice of several coworkers, I schedule a meeting with our Employee Advocate. I explain that I no longer feel comfortable in my role. I have no real direction or purpose, and now I've caught Mr. Boss Man in a lie, all with the purpose of getting a good gotcha on me.
2 days later, I'm fired for "integrity issues".
Today, exactly 5 weeks later, I was offered a position at one of Big Red's competitors. Throughout my entire interview process, multiple employees told me "while we admire Big Red, we don't strive to be like them." I was offered more money than I was making previously, and already have more responsibility with fewer hours.
TL;DR-- got hired at large mortgage company, then fired after spending a year being slowly pushed out.
Moral of the story: if you think you deserve better, fight for it. Worst case scenario they fire you and you become eligible for unemployment.
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2021.12.02 22:25 NicXes21 Some people want you to think what they want, whether it's true or not.

There are so many I could write a book. "It's super important for people to lose their virginity or they're uncool." gh direct expression of the idea through words. It isn't true, but they present it as if it's true. And if you ask, they'll even tell you so. They have a dream they think they can make true by confusing people into believing in it to.

This is I am not sure of. Maybe I don't know enough about it's intentions to expose it, but maybe I do. Either way, the truth will always be known eventually. The grass will be cut, the curtains will be opened and the cave will be explored.

There are so many things that are not true that some people want other people to think is true, even if they themselves know it's not true. And they start with the children. They feed your wishful thoughts and dilute the reality that might make you stronger, the same one that actually makes them weaker. Those wishful thoughts sometimes turn out to be delusions or mistakes of an inexperienced mind, and these 'people' know that.

They know kids 'don't know better', they disingenuously feed people the lies they may want to hear, the ones they shouldn't want to hear anyways. "Being tall is important for success, money is more important than anything, don't do it because you want to do it because you have to (and what you have to do? We'll let you know.)".

No. People decide for themselves and disingenuously telling them things you know aren't true as if they are, that is something.

"A skinny girl is a pretty girl, marriage is forever and stick with him/her even if they beat/cheat-on you, a good man provides financially and a good woman doesn't talk too much and looks pretty for her husband, muscular men are very attractive (come on dude, come on), playing sports is totally worth it (injuries, gradual degradation of body; 50 at 30)."

There are so many I could write a book. "It's super important for people to lose their virgnities or they're uncool."

That is all for now. If I have more I might at some point maybe post them here again possibly, and send them to Santa. Alright. Thank you.
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2021.12.02 22:25 Instaxian When life gives you melons...

Why hello there, I wonder if you kind folks can help me with a problem I have in a way that doesn't make me feel like I did anything wrong and in fact turns my mistake into a positive and cathartic learning experience that can benefit not only the people reading this post but also everyone on Reddit, the entire online community and humanity as a whole as we move forward into a consciousness -altering, theta-dream state that leads to all life in every dimension reaching an emotional crescendo of orgasmic self-realization and reflection on the unity of a singual being that constantly pre and post-experiences its own origins.
With that out of the way, my problem is that I accidentally pointed my camera at myself instead of my subject and now all of my shots look like an out of focus blow-up doll of Stanley Kubrick in a cheap wig. Help?
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2021.12.02 22:25 Z4D0 I'm the only one who found these new goku and vegeta blue units very toxic?

fighting them is being really annoying because he not only changes his color but always has a special move ready and easily reloads the vanish, it's just been horrible fighting them
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2021.12.02 22:25 SwimmingImmediate355 2 out 3 plants are light this

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2021.12.02 22:25 dilophosoupus Virtuosity reboot

Just had a thought while watching the trailer for this, it’s such a potentially cool movie, with the swagalicious Russell Crowe character and young energized Denzel. The only thing holding this movie back from being truly awesome is the outdated technology concepts and notion of what it is to be cool in the 90s. I know we do t need any more reboots than we’re already getting, but I think this one could at least benefit from an updating. Not sure who would direct, or who would play the characters. Thoughts?
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2021.12.02 22:25 bigdumpytruck #NotInThisCar

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2021.12.02 22:25 katpeler HTC Vive Cosmos Elite with wireless adapter working through a solid wall

Hi all, I came here to discuss something I didn't think was a physical possibility. I own the Vive Cosmos Elite, and recently got the wireless adapter. I did this without seeing how short the cable for the sensor was, and have spent an upsetting amount of time trying to hook this up in the room adjacent to my pc room. After building some rigs to extend my PCIE slots, I decided to try, well, nothing. My PC sits in a room adjacent to a more open space. I'd need about 20 feet of cabling to extend to my desired play area. So I set up the Sensor on my computer monitor, turned it 180 degrees so that it is facing the adjacent room, (The sensor is facing a solid wall) and turned everything on. The Cosmos is on the floor in the other room next to the pc and sensor, and the vive wireless app picked it right up! I put it on, and played about 2 hours of VR perfectly fine. I noticed that if I went to the very corners of the play area, and looked up, that the display would show a grey screen. This only happens in the absolute corners of my area, and didn't happen once during gameplay. In the 2 hours of playing, I only noticed the resolution scaling down once, and only for a split second. Has this been done before? I would like to help anyone out I can, and can provide whatever information you all need to help figure this out. To my knowledge, I was told this is impossible and that the wireless adapter needs line of sight. It's currently pointing at a wall and working in the room behind the wall it is facing.
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2021.12.02 22:25 witchwitha-b recently i’ve been hearing the distinctly feminine voice in my head when i go to sleep. is it a deity?

I’m not particularly new to paganism or witchcraft but my practice has been very discordant over a long period of time so I still consider myself a baby witch. Recently I’ve been hearing a very distinct female voice in my head that’s separate from my own right around the time I settle in to sleep. It’s never saying anything particularly grand mostly just little comments or greetings. I’ve heard from other practitioners that deities often communicate like this however I’ve never done any deity work and I’m not sure my belief about a lot of it. I have been feeling drawn to different things more than usually such as crows, graveyards, and forests but I have no idea what this/specific deity this correlates to.
Do you think it’s possible this is a deity reaching out? And if it is how do I approach figuring out which deity it is/incorporating them in my practice?
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2021.12.02 22:25 ScaryFlake YouTube's translations be like.

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2021.12.02 22:25 santisheims Sheims - Loop

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2021.12.02 22:25 idpartywthat [BDSP] LF: Apriballs, Razor Fang, other Evo Items | FT: Shiny Monferno (cloned)

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2021.12.02 22:25 Holiday-Brief347 Where could i watch naruto in french dub with english subs?

Currently learning french and I found that watching something in french dub with english subs help me learn the language. Im interested to watch titles like Naruto, Hunter x hunter and Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, if anyone could let me know where to get french dub with eng subs that would be great thank you
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2021.12.02 22:25 Justheretoavoidwork What’s your favorite story to tell sitting around the campfire with friends?

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2021.12.02 22:25 AdopteeBullitt HELP PLEASE!!!]

Can anyone recommend a hip specialist in the area that takes medicaid? Please help. Im desperate
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2021.12.02 22:25 Catsandroosters A lot of men have probably been outed to their wives as being gay/bi by Grindr's obnoxiously loud ads..

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2021.12.02 22:25 Fit-Investment Maybe clean your exhaust fan every now and then?

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2021.12.02 22:25 BenAffleckInPhantoms Nevada Highway Patrol seize veterans life savings even though he has receipts for all the cash in his vehicle

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2021.12.02 22:25 MrJodava1608 Help configuring Hi Hat Pedal CC in AD2

Hi, I have a Roland TD-8 and recently bought AD-2. When I select the TD-8 mapping everything seems to work fine except the Hi Hat pedal. It always plays the closed Hi Hat sound. I think the reason is that it is using CC 0 instead of 4, but I can't find a way to change it. I've even tried creating a clip in Ableton with the CC 4 envelope set to 127, but playing that clip while the Learn button is on doesn't work. Any ideas how I can change it or what might be the issue?
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2021.12.02 22:25 Kato_Kizu My Itto prep for both him and his weapon!(F2P btw uwu)

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2021.12.02 22:25 Optimal-Dog-906 I think Cereal Battle Royale is the Season Finale

With all the Community Death Battle that involve the Cereal Mascot it only makes sense also the cast has talk about this forever now not to mention they did say something that we wouldn't expect so this could it expect the unexpected
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2021.12.02 22:25 BlueBird7330 Z plan pricing

Has anyone bought a maverick with their ford Z plan? I am wondering how much I could actually get off on one. Thanks for any input.
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2021.12.02 22:25 vegasbm ICYMI: Redeemed Church launches dating site

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2021.12.02 22:25 Therealpyroland Teeth and butthole

This is a description for a post with a weird title. Okay cya later have a good day.
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