Covid-19: Ninety percent of eligible population in Auckland now fully vaccinated

2021.12.02 23:04 Politta Covid-19: Ninety percent of eligible population in Auckland now fully vaccinated

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2021.12.02 23:04 Jackfruit-Gold How do you respond/react if someone calls you effeminate ?

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2021.12.02 23:04 gannon95 Here's my little brutus 😊😊

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2021.12.02 23:04 Trident_0711 I hit the jackpot at a garage sale

I found an older Nascar nitrogen/air impact wrench that still works and I got it for $40
They normally cost up to $450 so I am quite happy
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2021.12.02 23:04 waltonMark Wait for it

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2021.12.02 23:04 ccohenft6yf Check out the ROTTSVerse Teaser Trailer 👀 Reyam NFT collection sneak peak tomorrow

ROTTS: A meme token with real utility
ROTTSVerse Teaser Trailer
Entire #NFT collections, different virtual shops, digital real estate opportunities and more are integrated into the ROTTSVerse.
Reyam NFT collection 👀 sneak peak tomorrow on the TG
On the road map
👉 ROTTS Show
👉 ROTTS Comics
👉 ROTTS Academy
🔒 Liq 100 years
☑️ Audited by CertiK
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2021.12.02 23:04 bearbearM3 Missing 10.4 k in USDC, please, please help...

If someone would be willing to have a look at my Polygonscan transaction details for a brief sec ( ), I'm of the bone-bleeding paranoia that I may have lost USDC 10.4 k. If I need to move on, or hack my arm off out of frustration and then move on, then so be it. But this is the transaction, ("Success," 55,000+ block confirmations," however no sign in my main wallet after "1 day & 11 hrs " {since attempted to move from Metamask to my main private wallet})......if I couldn't use matic for the fee and instead needed eth, I'm not sure why it didn't just block it and tell me so like it normally would appears to be 'out there somewhere' and I just don't have the nous to retrieve it, so any help, so matter how small, I would be incredibly grateful for.
Transaction details on Metamask:
If It's just a matter of the MATIC fee paid being so small such that I should expect to wait an inordinate length of time, then so be it, but this does strike me as still pretty extreme at this point.......
Thanks in advance for ANY help that might come my way, this is a massive amount of money in my humble lil' world.
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2021.12.02 23:04 Ralos-Mikorius T'was the night before early access - Finale

Hello fellow WoLs!
We've got a big finale starting tomorrow! So here's this expansion's "T'was the night" parody poem I do every expansion!

Be aware they are filled with spoilers with everything we've learned up to now

Link to original and previous entries for each expansion

T'was the night before early access - The first finale (

[B]T'was the night before Early Access - Endwalker[/B]

T'was the night before early access, the end now in sight
Dawn would soon break, our final chapter we write.
Hydalyn lay waiting, having groomed light with care
while Zodiark woke, bringing darkness to bear.

Fandanial lay nestled, with Zenos in sttride
in their mysterious towers, their time they did bide.
While Krile prepared Passports and papers
That we could set sail for our Sharlayan neighbors.

From ambiguous voids, there arose such a clatter
This lady of light portends warning, her essance then scattered.
Away to the moon, I flew like a flash
to prevent the final days, lest our world turn to ash.

Proof of existence all lost, like the city Amauraut,
Now Emet's burden we bear, that ancients not be forgot.
When what to my wondering eyes should appear?
but long forgotten structures upon the lunar sphere.

While from a cold stark land, our foes cried and called
I knew in a moment, it must be Garlemald.
And though they once stood as bringers of ruin
They fight now beside us 'neath a harrowing moon.

For once were they farmers, to grow crops in peace
till pushed from their home land, hard luck would not cease.
So took up the scythe, now they reap instead souls,
drawing strength from voidsent, reaper their new role.

But fighting so savage leaves us broken and burned,
thus we seek succor from the merciful learned.
Weilding volumes of knowledge, their aetherology high tech,
Sages stand guard using Noulith Mechs.

Though Sharlayan developed this powerful mender
they'll lift not a finger to stop us from burning like tinder.
So we seek us new aid, power in foreign lands
Traveling across Thavnair, to the great Radz-at-Han.

and the people we'll meet will be exciting and new
like the Arkasodara, and the Loporrits too.
But the challenges waiting on the globe and the moon
will pit us against the Magus sisters, and Anima's doom.

Gods born again and again, into their legends we delve,
In Myths of the realm, will we face now the twelve?
But old enemies return and the myths all have origins,
as ascians seek vengeance in the chaotic Pandæmonium.

And when at last we're allowed to relax
We'll visit island sanctuaries, and garden to the max.
And new adventurers will join us as we're given new faces,
of the male Vierra, and fem Hrothgar races.

Our Journey began on a bright sunny morn,
as we took our first steps through A Realm Reborn.
Then the cold light of day saw us raising our swords,
as we leapt to the skies battling Heavansward.

Thus twilight fell as we rally'd the good,
to fight the great war, a raging Stormblood.
From Astral to Umbral, night fell and yet lingers,
Across worlds we fought as Shadowbringers.

But the sun now shall rise, and we must march on
as we're coming full circle, we herald the dawn.
Fresh starts lay behind this climax of slaughter,
But first our Zenith, Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.
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2021.12.02 23:04 mynameisevan01 Now where am I going to listen to Halland/Dalarna every day since the reveal trailer first dropped?

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2021.12.02 23:04 xgrrlseven Any IDS/Research techs? How's work for you and your team right now?

IDS seems to be the forgotten black sheep of the pharmacy world. We're pretty niche, but surely there's some of you out there! Just looking for more of my tribe.... yells into the void
My team is perpetually short-handed, even worse during the last year. There's a lack of dependable people who can expand into this weird halfway-world, stuck between pharmacy and research. It's very difficult to get in-house hospital techs, because they know how hard the job is and would rather take the easy route.
The one good thing is the people who have endured that are total badasses. 😁
Tell me about you and your team!
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2021.12.02 23:04 First-Hunt-8189 Has the app been deleted from the App Store? I deleted today to reinstall because I was having issues and I can’t find it. 😢

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2021.12.02 23:04 Terminal_SrA Sushi/Hibachi Recommendation: Kobe?

I'm not very into Hibachi/Sushi but this is my favorite "I want some chicken fried rice" restaurant since I moved here. The chicken and vegetables are very fresh, and the rice isn't overly greasy and it's only $10 for a very nice serving size.
I've gone with two friends and they loved the sushi.
I've never seen it brought up here, and whenever I go its never busy. The staff is very nice (one of the ladies has started recognizing me and remembering my order lol) and the restaurant seems clean.
My only guess would be its location?
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2021.12.02 23:04 Sharon411 Pet cam... and she tells us her day is always filled with protecting the house and yard.

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2021.12.02 23:04 patrikios4 Καταργείται η συνταγογράφηση από ιδιώτες γιατρούς σε ανασφάλιστους

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2021.12.02 23:04 messedupnomad A small like in Colorado, at sunset.

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2021.12.02 23:04 BigRed88m Zekrom on me right now

5839 3395 1827
I can take 10
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2021.12.02 23:04 Grace-Kamikaze HGS But I wrote it: Chapter 2

(Yeah, I guess I'll post my work here, I'm enjoying this too much.)
"Students," Professor Caraway said as he began to write on the board. "Today we'll be learning about ancient symbols."
"Question!" Sage said as she raised her hand.
"Why do we need to learn these symbols? How do they help us become guardians?"
"That's a good question," Caraway walked to his desk then opened a book. It floated above his head and projected a scene of ancient temples. "Structures like these are scattered around the world, they tell us about our history and the trials our ancestors went through. One day, you'll be exploring these ruins and finding your path as a guardian, just as they did."
Sage took notes on each symbol, what it meant and who wrote it. She noticed that many were similar to those used in old magic. Caraway explained that the world itself was filled with magic and anyone connected to it could harness that energy. It used to be that only they could use magic, then terra spheres were invented and after that, the discovery of machines. Thanks to the improvements, people no longer needed to chant or draw symbols to cast spells. All they needed was to click the remote and imagine what they wanted.
Sage closed her book as class ended, she went back to her dorm and read a letter her mother sent her. Her mother was excited that she was studying in the school she always wanted to attend but wasn't okay with the use of new magic. Sage was urged to not use new magic, no matter what. Then the letter ended with a heart at the signature. Sage laid on her bed and looked at the wand Parsley gave her. The terra sphere was covered in wires with glimmering stones and the metal handle was decorated with a beautiful design of the ocean.
Sage felt bad, Parsley did all that work and for probably nothing. She looked at the wand she brought with her, the terra sphere was connected to the wooden handle and that was it. Her mother told her: "The simpler the better," and that the design of new magic wands didn't take away that they were dangerous. But she never explained why, she kept it a secret, and all Sage's questions were ignored. Only met with a sad expression than a plea to never use new magic. Sage put down both wands on the table then opened her book to study.
Rosemary drew her sword, swinging at a mannequin and cutting off its head. She jumped from one mannequin to another, slicing their chests in one go and getting the attention of the other students. That was a move her mother taught her when she was young, it took care of enemies quickly and swiftly. The professor approached her, seeing the gemstone on the bottom of her sword. It was a terra sphere, meaning she could use magic along with her attacks.
That was the one thing her mother never taught her, so the professor told her to feel energy gathering around her and let the sword be engulfed in it. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, as she opened them, she dashed towards a mannequin, slicing it in half with fire coming from her blade to burn it as well. She was amazed, she had never tried that before. She tried again, the second time generating water that surrounded the enemy and cutting it into pieces.
A blade on its own was powerful but combined with magic, it was stronger. Then, a student started laughing, a boy named Aster approached the professor. He said that an old magic weapon such as Rosemary's sword could never perform spectacular feats. He unsheathed his sword, revealing a large blade with gears attached to the handle that held a terra sphere. He clicked a button and the gears moved, activating the magic inside. He sliced a mannequin, cutting it in half with wind magic that also hit the mannequins around him.
The professor told him to calm down a bit, Rosemary wasn't used to having magic with her sword and she had a lot to learn before she could use a new magic sword. Aster sighed, he put his hand out to let Rosemary take it. He wanted to see her grow as a powerful swordsman, and one day, they could battle for who was stronger. Rosemary took his hand and promised him that she would hold him to his word.
When Aster left, Rosemary looked at her mother's sword. It was the last gift she received and she wasn't going to abandon it for a new magic sword. The professor suggested that she have it upgraded instead. It was simple if she asked a blacksmith who specialized in magic enhancement. It was something to consider if she wanted to go that route. It was fine to use the weapon inherited from a family member or go down a new path, that was the beauty of High Guardian Academy, it allowed students to choose what they wanted to do.
Thyme ran through the trees, she pulled back an arrow and shot at an apple. She pulled back another arrow and charged it with wind magic, the terra sphere on her wrist glowing a green hue as she did. She shot it and the apple broke into pieces. She sighed, two hits to break the target, not a good sign. She adjusted her bracelet which had a terra sphere on it; she didn't like using it but was given it to complete the assignment. If she rejected, she would and it wasn't a good look if she had an F on the first day of classes.
A bullet passed by her and hit another apple, exploding it in a wheel of flames. The student who shot the bullet jumped to another branch and hit an orange, destroying it in one blast. Thyme looked at the gun, it was a handgun with gears and a terra sphere connected to a steam valve on the top. Steam was released as it was fired again, destroying a peach. Thyme was told to pay attention to the targets, not the other students. She released another arrow, only getting it stuck in a pear, then used fire magic, but got the same result. She was told to step down from the training platform, the professor knew she was distracted and wanted to know why.
She explained that she needed to be strong enough to save her home, and seeing her peers succeed where she was failing made her realize how weak she was. The professor told her that she was there to train, even if she couldn't do it that day, she could do it another day. The professor encouraged Thyme to keep practicing with her classmates and maybe get some tutoring if she was having trouble. She jumped on a branch and shot at the fruit hanging from the trees. Her aim was off, she hit the sides of some and missed others.
"Help me," Thyme heard a voice when she jumped. She stumbled on the landing and hit the ground. "Help me."
"Thyme!" The professor ran to Thyme to see if she was okay. "Are you Alright? Do you need to take a break?"
"It's coming, help me."
"I'm fine, Professor." Thyme answered, "I think I need to go back to my dorm."
"Maybe you should go to the nurse's office." The Professor suggested.
"No, no, I'm okay." Thyme walked away as she put her bow on her back. She held her hands out and small sparks of light floated above them. "Don't worry, I'm going to save you. Hang in there for a little while longer."
Parsley slammed her hammer down on the blade of a sword. She heated metal and twisted it around a terra sphere. And finally, she attached the terra sphere to the handle. She gave it to her professor who let a swordsman try it out. It was a success, the sword worked perfectly and the swordsman was impressed. Parsley also had a wand, it was long, about twice her size with a terra sphere surrounded by gears, gemstones hanging from the gears, and had a flower design on its handle. She liked to carve designs onto her weapons to give them more personality.
When the professor asked her where she got her experience from, she explained that she learned how to make new magic weapons from her family. Her father taught her while her mother took care of the kids. It was the only way her family could stay afloat after old magic and normal weapons were no longer in demand. Parsley put the wand on the wall and showed off her creations. Not only did she make multiple weapons in her first class, but she also made them almost perfectly.
She was allowed to move up a class level, letting her be with the upperclassmen who had similar abilities to her. However, she was looked down upon by her new classmates. They weren't sure what to think about the first year entering their class and didn't like how professionally she could make weapons. She focused on making her weapons, trying to ignore their glares.
Classes ended in the evening, finally letting the students take a break. Rosemary and Sage met on the rooftop to talk about their day. They were exhausted, they spent the entire time training and showing their professors what they could do. Rosemary had to learn every move by the end of the semester and Sage had a book of spells for her to memorize. The two barely had time to hang out and were too tired to say anymore. Instead, they watched a train leave Lyngarth. Steam blew into the wind and gears began to spin as the train headed to its destination.
From up high, it was easy to see the city of Lyngarth. Buildings were connected by bridges, glass pillars watched over the people, and rails were built on the streets. It was much more advanced than their hometown of Pebble, which relied on carriages to travel. Sage sighed as she held onto the wand Parsley gave her. Everything in Lyngarth used new magic, weapons, buildings, and transportation. There was no way to avoid it. Rosemary was also thinking about it, her mother's sword used old magic and it was recommended she upgrade it.
"Do you want to upgrade it?" Sage asked.
"I don't know," Rosemary replied. "It's the last thing I have from my mom, I don't know if it's insulting to her if I upgrade it."
"I can understand that... I feel like I'm insulting my parents by using this wand."
"Maybe it was a bad idea to come to High Guardian Academy."
"I don't know... I want to think we made the right choice, but I keep asking myself if using new magic is worth it." The two said goodnight as they returned to their dorms, hoping the next day would be better.
Rosemary woke up to Thyme throwing crabs into the hall. There was an infestation coming from a nearby cave. Students were running with crabs clinging to them and tripping over shells. Parsley tried to pick some up as she apologized, she was sure she closed the door to the cave when she last went inside to gather materials. The teachers told the students to go to the main hall while they cleaned up. One professor entered, his face covered in blood and his weapon was broken.
He told the headmasters that there was a monster deep in the cave, it was too dangerous for anyone to go inside. He was putting crabs back into their homes when he heard a roar, when he went further in, he found a monster. An earth dragon that was slumbering and awoke when its seal was broken. Parsley hid behind Sage; it was possibly her fault since she broke a few things on her last assignment thinking they were obstacles from the professor. Thyme put her hand on her forehead, then noticed Rosemary was trying to get away.
She asked Rosemary what was going on, Rosemary wanted to see the dragon for herself, if she could beat it, she could gain recognition from the professors and the headmasters. She could become a real guardian like her mother. A decision like that sounded like a death wish more than a plan, but it was too late. Sage and Parsley followed, if Rosemary was going, so were they. Sage wanted to make sure Rosemary was safe and Parsley felt responsible. Outnumbered, Thyme agreed to go along as well.
The cave was full of crabs as the professors kept dumping them back into their holes, students were also trying to help; fourth years and third years kept watch on the entrances to make sure the crabs didn't get out again. Rosemary's team had to navigate through the tunnels and took a long way around to avoid getting caught. Then, they heard the sound of a dragon and spells being shot at it. It all stopped when the ground shook. Rosemary peaked inside to see only the dragon remained on the battlefield.
She raised her sword when it saw her and she charged at it. She avoided its claw and Sage jumped in to shield her from a fire blast, pulling out her old wand and casting a spell between her and the dragon. Thyme stayed in the back with her bow, she fired a few arrows that were burned away. She then put the terra sphere bracelet on her wrist, she fired another set of arrows with water surrounding them. They pierced the dragon, but not enough to kill it. Parsley grabbed her hammer and slammed it on the ground, causing a rupture in the stone.
The earth cracked and let out pillars of flames to surround the dragon. Thyme looked back at her, seeing that she was also wearing a bracelet with a terra sphere on it. Hers was surrounded by gears and had one gear that hit it each time she slammed down her hammer to strengthen her attack. Rosemary charged again, slicing the dragon's right eye to blind it as Sage made a circle with her wand to cast a spell and trap the dragon in a prison of ice. Rosemary took a deep breath, imagined her sword surrounded with magic, and sprinted towards the dragon.
She made quick slices, using the wind to boost her, and cut the dragon. She was unfortunately hit back by its wings and thrown into Sage. Thyme shot more arrows that barely cut the surface of the dragon's scales and Parsley was getting tired from overusing her magic. Thyme grabbed her wrist and ran before they were hit by a fireball. She was unsure why they had to stop; they were so close to beating it. Thyme held her wrist up and told her to look closely at her terra sphere, it was partially covered in black ink. If she went further, it would be consumed.
"What are you doing down here?" Someone said from the entrance. "You're too young and inexperienced to fight a dragon."
"Who's there?" Sage asked. She looked to where the voice was coming from and saw a man with short dark hair, red eyes, armor on his face to his chest, and a full black suit.
"Watch and learn, students of High Guardian Academy." The man spread his arms, dark energy surrounding them and forming circles in front of his hands. The handles of swords emerged and he grabbed them, he pulled out two swords that were covered in dark magic yet had no terra sphere attached.
"How is that possible? Weapons shouldn't be able to use magic without a terra sphere."
"Quiet, I'm going to show you something that's been lost in time." He ran towards the dragon, dodging its attacks, and raised his swords in the air. The magic around them extended their blades and he cut the dragon, slicing it in half as the magic released. Forming a dark cage then shredding it to pieces. "Magic is not meant to be used by those who cannot understand it. Your use of terra spheres tells me that none of you are who I'm looking for."
"Hey!" Rosemary yelled when the man turned his back on the girls. "Thanks for the help but who are you?"
"Sorry, I'm not in the mood."
He left without saying another word. Leaving the girls to be found by the professors and seniors. They were all sent to detention for going against the rules, and they were lectured on what it meant to be a guardian. Fighting monsters was only a part of the job, following the rules was just as important. If they were to become guardians, they needed to know their place in society. If a superior told them to stay in a room and let those who were stronger take on a task, they were to do just that.
Rosemary wasn’t listening, she was drawing in her notebook. She drew the sword that the man used to defeat the dragon and got the professor’s attention. He grabbed the book from her and looked at the drawing. He hadn’t seen a design like that in years, it dated back to the times before terra spheres were created. He asked her where she saw it, and she explained that the person who defeated the dragon had it.
The professor laughed, no one was dumb enough to use a weapon without a terra sphere against a dragon. That was more of a death wish than walking into a cave without an idea what was ahead. He told Rosemary to keep her stories to herself and focus on reality, she was in school to train, not think of fantasies. Sage tried to back up Rosemary but was told to stay quiet, students like them were supposed to sit and listen to their superiors and they were failing at that in every way.
The four girls were allowed to hang out in the garden when their detention time was over and the school was being cleaned. Amaryllis approached them, she made fun of them for getting detention and Snapdragon drew a failure sign in his notebook to show them. The two kept laughing at them, thinking it was a better use of their free time than anything else. Rosemary wanted to get back at them while Sage held her arm, trying to calm her down. Thyme was drawing plants in her book. And Parsley was falling asleep where she sat.
Amaryllis took out her wand, swinging it around to make fun of the fact Sage was using old magic. She accidentally hit the trigger and shot a blast of magic into the trees, hitting a black cat that was sleeping on a branch. Snapdragon took Amaryllis’ hand to drag her away as Sage went over the cat to see if it was okay. She went to pick it up but her hand hit someone else’s. A girl with blonde hair in a bun was there. Her name was Marigold, a first year like Sage, she picked up the cat, claiming it as her pet that she snuck into the school before running off.
“That was close, we have to be more careful. We can’t have them knowing who is, Olive.”
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2021.12.02 23:04 swiftdickens Took my first run at roasting 2 batches tonight on the GeneCafe…

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2021.12.02 23:04 Mr-Wilkins For some reason almost no one talks about Russia when this topic comes up

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2021.12.02 23:04 K0blik0v Who are your OP defenders? I’ll try and comment / rate on anyone that replies - 0 if you have kimpembe ;) these are mine…

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2021.12.02 23:04 DRockDR I’ve been out of the rental market for a while, but is this legit pricing? $900 for a room in a house?

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2021.12.02 23:04 yessirskiii75 cheap pyt folders hmu✅!

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2021.12.02 23:04 Cryogen2964 The tale of meth head santa

So I had a very interesting night and I’d like to share this story with you all
Me and my mom went into town so I could practice parallel parking at the local DMV. We practiced for awhile and eventually grabbed some food from sheetz and started home.
To get back home to my house we have to take this very long road called route 19. It was quite dark so I had my high beams on. While on route 19 about 5 cars went by on the other side of the road in total but they were fairly near each other so I was turning my high beams on an off again thinking it was the last car and it wasn’t lol. I’m hindsight, this was major foreshadowing.
I’m quite a cautious driver so I usually go no faster than the speed limit (which apparently is too slow for most lol) so a car passing me is a normal thing that happens relatively often. But tonight was different, a beat up red galant looking car sped past me and I just thought oh ok someone has somewhere to be, cool, then he’s still flying and then starts to lay off the gas but then slams on his breaks in front of me. Normally this would be a red flag for most, but I thought he had something go wrong like he hit something.
But then in the dead of the night I see him, meth head Santa coming out of his old red sleigh with rap music blasting from a speaker mounted to his hip. He was an older chubbier man in his late fifties to early sixties with a big white beard, partially grey with what seemed to be cigarette ash.
He was NOT happy.
He walked up to my window and here’s what happened:
Santa: the fuck are you doing riding me with your fucking high beams for?!?!??????!??? Mom: I don’t know what yourse taking about you were behind us Santa: you were riding me with your fuckin head lights on Mom: I’m sorry sir he’s working on it He then muttered something under his breath and walked back to his car then drove for another 15 seconds if that and slammed on the brakes again saying this Santa: you fucking high beamed me again Mom: no he didn’t, he just turned them off Me: yea see they’re off (pointing to the dash) Santa: you should learn to fucking drive Mom: he is 16 years old and he is learning Santa: we’ll many you shouldn’t be fucking driving out here then We then just sat there in silence then waiting on him then he said with his arms out and chest puffed Santa: you got a fucking problem? Mom: we’re just waiting on you sir
Then i drove through the dirt on the right side of the road and floored it kuz I didn’t want him to rear end us.
TL;DR: I was driving like a normal person and meth head santa showed up and was being a dick head.
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2021.12.02 23:04 PurpleArticle5441 Right offers in Seattle Eastside market

I am looking to buy my first house. We viewed a house recently which we liked and asked our agent to check what we can offer.
I was suggested to put 10% as earnest money, atleast 20% total as down and the offer to start at list and escalate up to 10% over list if we want to have a chance to get the house as it just came on the market
They are also strongly suggesting using their preferred lenders assuring me ok no kick-backs, rather having a reliable closer.
I am not sure what to make of it. Need some advice
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2021.12.02 23:04 TheSillyCatGaming The Thing - Short Horror Film (Shot 9 Years Ago)

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